New Zealand-North Island

Here’s a selection of a wide variety of landscapes I was able to photograph during a week of travels on the North Island of New Zealand. This blog was honestly difficult to create in a way that flows seamlessly, given the array of landscapes in New Zealand. The settings seem to drastically change from one location to another in this country.

More to come from the South Island of New Zealand in another blog post. Thanks for taking a scroll through these!


7 days. 1200+ Miles driven, and a whole lot of pulling off the side of the road to attempt numerous drone flights that I would find out the weather would not allow for. Yes Iceland, lesson learned, your wind gusts and sporadic weather are on another level.

I really only had enough time to see a small fraction of all this beautiful country has to offer, but nonetheless, I wanted to post a sample of some of my favorite takes. This diverse setting of an island is a challenge to photograph, in that it’s so overwhelming to try and capture what you experience seeing in person. With that being said, no photos really can do Iceland justice, but only provide a glimpse at how bizarre this place truly is.

If you made it this far, many thanks for scrolling through to get to the end! I really appreciate all of you who kept up with my posts on social media while I was traveling there as well! If you are considering going at some point, definitely drop me a note if you are looking for any advice and insight from my experience. I know I will be going back and learned a lot the first go-around that I will keep in mind for when I visit again. If you have been to Iceland before feel free to get in touch as well….I really enjoy hearing other’s stories/experiences from visiting this country!