After being a photographer a number of years now I would have to say one of the best by-products of shooting in a wide variety of settings is the opportunity to meet so many people. I love people and I love how God has made everyone uniquely different. In the same way no shoot is ever the same, because you are always capturing unique people, personalities, and stories.

I always want to serve my clients in the best way possible and make them feel comfortable. If that means talking life for several extra minutes during a shoot to get to know more about your story then that makes the session all the better. 

A few notes about myself, I graduated in Marketing from Clemson University in 2011. On top of my portrait and lifestyle work I am a freelance photographer for the athletic department at Clemson University, and am a contract photographer for USA Today Sports and Getty Images.

I am based in South Carolina and am open to covering various photo needs and requests you may have. I would love to shoot with you and am always up for travel if needed.

Links to my other work:

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