Kallimarie-Clemson University 2017

Kallimarie's session was definitely one the best so far this spring I've shot. We had some great light to work with, and I tried a few areas I don't shoot in as much where we happened to get some best content during the shoot. Here are a handful of my favorites below. Many thanks to Kallimarie for asking me to take these! Congrats to her!

Alex and Annie- Clemson University 2016

Alex and Annie did a group shoot together a couple days before Clemson's graduation. We took a ton of photos so it was really hard to condense this blog post down. We all laughed plenty during this shoot so we had that many more great options to choose from. I tried to mix this blog up alternating between individual/group shots of both. Congrats to both of them on their recent graduation, this shoot was a lot of fun so I appreciate them asking me!